Stuart Goldstein, MD

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Stuart L. Goldstein, MD has been an active investigator in the field of pediatric acute kidney injury (AKI) since 2000. Dr. Goldstein's main research foci include AKI epidemiology and outcomes, acute renal replacement therapy provision and investigation of novel urinary AKI biomarkers in the pediatric population. Dr. Goldstein has a strong record of interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration, evidenced by his establishment and directing of the Prospective Pediatric Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (ppCRRT) and its success as well as collaboration with critical care physicians, cardiologists and emergency medicine physicians to study AKI in their populations.

This collaboration includes publication of the first article demonstrating the existence of a cardio-renal syndrome in pediatric patients with acute decompensated heart failure. Dr. Goldstein has also performed the only published assessment of novel urinary AKI biomarkers in a heterogeneous group of critically ill children, demonstrating their accuracy to predict AKI development and severity. Dr. Goldstein has been developing a program to investigate and minimize nephrotoxic medication associated AKI in non-critically ill children.


Patrick Brophy, MD

University of Iowa Children's Hospital

Patrick Brophy, MD has a research focus on the molecular genetics and functional mechanisms of normal and abnormal development of the kidneys and genitourinary (GU) tract. Laboratory interests focus on transcription factors and cellular signaling involved with mesenchymal to epithelial transition and metanephrogenesis, as well as identifying genetic lesions involved with selected renal diseases. Clinical research interests involve Acute Kidney Injury, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, Lupus, PKD and antenatal renal abnormalities.



Timothy Bunchman, MD

Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU

Timothy Bunchman, MD is a Pediatric Nephrologist at Virginia Commonwealth University.  He currently holds an appointment as Professor and Chairman in the Divsion of Pediatric Nephrology since 2011.  Dr. Bunchman’s research focus is in Acute Kidney Injury, Acute Kidney Failure and Lupus.





Richard Hackbarth, MD

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

Rick Hackbarth, MD is a Pediatric Intensivist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He currently holds an appointment as Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Michigan State University.  Research interests include- modalities of CRRT and their use in critically ill children and traumatic brain injury in children.



Matthew Paden, MD

Emory University / Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Matthew Paden, MD is a clinical intensivist at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston’s PICU.  His research focus is advanced technologies use, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, apheresis techniques, and continuous renal replacement therapies to improve the outcome of critically ill children.  His translational research focus is KIDSCRRT - a novel neonatal and pediatric CRRT device.




Jordan Symons, MD

Seattle Children's Hospital

Jordan Symons, MD is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington and Director of the Acute Dialysis Program at Seattle Children’s.&nbsp Hospital; Dr. Symons’ area of clinical interest is in renal replacement therapies and acute kidney injury.  Dr. Symons’ other major area of academic interest is in medical education. He coordinates the didactic educational curriculum for nephrology trainees, residents and medical students. Dr. Symons is a member of the Faculty of the University of Washington School of Medicine College System; an integrated program of clinical and professional training for medical students.